Don Fedak, Victor Reinz Machinist of the Year for 2001, has spent more than four decades as an engine builder.  During and after high school, and after 22 years of becoming ‘confused on a higher level’, he returned to his roots to succeed his best friend and dad as owner of RPMS ENGINEShop in Brantford, Ontario, Canada  in 1976.

Don studied metallurgy at McMaster University, B.Sc.(1960) & M.Sc.(1961) followed by a career in basic research in surface science at Ford Scientific Laboratories in Dearborn, Michigan until 1966.   After earning a M.Sc. (1968) in Engineering and Applied Science at Yale he continued with surface science research specific to catalysis at Exxon Corporate Laboratories in Lynden, New Jersey.

Fedak is highly regarded in the industry for his research on reverse engineering and prevention of pattern failures. Over the years he has published many papers and given countless presentations to share his experience  and views on engine design, repair and rebuilding.

Having served as a Director of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) and as a member of the Automotive Industry Association (AIA) of Canada Engine Rebuilders Council  he is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a life member of the American Society of Metals (ASM) and a proud member, Director and former Secretary of Engine Rebuilders Incorporated (ERI).